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Vibrating Speaker B20
Freedom Driver was born in a unique innovation audio tech, is a kind of new patent innovation speaker for Mp3,Mp4,PC and Ipod! Which is pushing the desk and make the desk as a speaker.

Freedom Driver is not speaker itself. It is absolutely different between tradional sound box, which is without speaker it. It can turn your table top surface into a kind of vibrating speaker; When you put it on a glass, then the glass will be a vibrating speaker. Freedom Driver can turn any solid surface into a kind of speaker!

It's fancy and unique PC/Ipod/Mp3/Mp4 speaker. It can be connected any sound resource, such as PC, Mp3, Ipod, Mp4, CD with only 3.5mm earphone jack!

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Power 20W (RMS)
Response Frequency 100 Hz - 15 Khz
Sensitivity 87 db/m/w
Electric Resistance 8 Ohms±0.2
Core Driver Size(mm) 63.5(W) x 63.5(D) x 58(H)mm
(Inches) 2.4(W) x 2(D) x 2.4(H) inches
Net Weight (grams) 650 grams
Net Weight(ounces) 22.9 ounces
Inputs 3.5mm DC 24V IN, 2.5mm STEREO IN
Power Adaptor I/P: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.55A O/P:DC24V 1A
Sound Source laptop, PC, iPod, MP3, MD, CD
Supplied Accessories
IRDA Remote controler (Bass, Treble, Volume) 1pc
AC Convertor / AC Cable 1pc
Audio Cable 1 (2.5 mm Jack)
User Manual/ Warranty Card 1 each
Packaging box (cm) 22(W) x 16(D) x 12(H) cm
(inches) 9(W) x 6.3(D) x 4.7(D) inches
Full Set Net Weight 1.2 kgs / 2.6 lbs
Certification ROHS, CE, FCC
Colour white & black
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