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OPzS Tubular Battery
Joolpower Opzs Series Lead Acid batteries are designed with a combination of die-casting Tubular positive framework and superfluous electrolyte technologies to offer a very high lever of reliability and a long service life. Opzs batteries used special filter and proof design to ensure no acid fog runs over and burning proof, and also convenient examine and maintenance. Designed Floating Life 15-20

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General Features:
Maintenance convenient.
Non-Spillable construction design.
Transparent containers, convenient to observe.
Special filter installation for acid fog proof.
High quality and high reliability.
Super long service life.
Special pole sealed technology.
Super reliability.

Medical Equipment
Cable Television
Railroad Utility
Electric Utility
Photovoltaic System
Control Equipment
Alternative Energy System
Security System

Component ......Raw material                         Terminal ........Copper
Positive ........Lead dioxide                             Separator ........Rubber-PVC
Negative........Lead                                          Electrolyte ......Sulfuric acid
Container........AS                                            Cover........AS

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