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JPSL Solar Lantern
Solar lantern, has been designed to provide solar-powered lighting for households, schools, hospitals and community centers, health clinics, greenhouse farm, camping, geological prospecting and other outdoor and indoor lighting. The solar lantern can be used everywhere especially by the people who live in places which the local electricity supply is sometimes unavailable or unreliable.

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General introduction
1.compact fluorescent lamp with high efficient energy saving.
2.5Wp or 10Wp Solar module.
3.12V 7AH sealed lead-acid battery.
4.two charging modes.
Main feature
◆ Green and energy saving, aesthetic in appearance.
◆ Compact fluorescent lamp or LED with high efficient energy saving, soft light, easy to change.
◆ 5 Wp Solar module with good quality, long life-span.
◆ 12V 7AH battery, maintenance-free, low use cost
◆ Two charging modes, solar and 220V AC.
◆ One button operation, Two lighting modes (main light & LED night lamp).
◆ Micro-controller based electronic circuit, excellent protections and indications.

◆ 12V DC auxiliary output, charge for mobile phones and other products.

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